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Short version: Fighters of Fate is an RPG mobile game that combines collectible trading cards with fighting games, where you can customize everything about your Fighters.

More details: In Fighters of Fate you can create your character and customize its appearance, weapon, and abilities all in the form of collectible cards. 

You can play on competitive mode, adventure mode, real time PVP and participate in tournaments.

You'll be able to fulfill daily missions, edit your deck, and level up your cards in the alchemy mode.


Visit the bazaar where you'll find new cards with shady merchants, and go pay a visit to an ancient god to arrange your looks anytime.

ABOUT OUR TEAM:  We are a 3 person indie studio founded by friends in Punta del Este, Uruguay. We are lucky to have worked with so many talented artists throughout different stages of development. 

Fighters of Fate won best game in the national contest of Uruguay, best experimental game at EXPOVIT Costa Rica. 


We are very active in our gamedev community, we organize events (such as a GGJ site) and volunteer in our local gamedev association. Our CEO Laia Bee is President of the Uruguayan Gamedev Association, part of the GAME AWARDS Future Class and coordinator of the Latam Videogames Federation.


- Promotional Video: 

- Downloadable video trailer

-Drive with assets and screenshots






IP USE:  ¡We love content creators! Here's a little bit of info that will help you understand how to use our content.


Can I do written or video reviews? of course (and please!), you are free to make your own content and monetize it.It includes logo, screenshots, screen capture, etc. 

If you have any question just write to us:

Please be aware that Pincer Games might ask for the removal of racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other offensive material. And the IP use policy might be changed at any time. 

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